Santa Barbara Cemetery and Mausoleum is located adjacent to Mt. Calvary Cemetery at 1900 Edith N.E. in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, NM.  Phone number is 505-243-0218.

This cemetery is actually two cemeteries. The Santa Barbara section is the original (oldest) section and the newest part just called Mt. Calvary. In 1869, the Jesuit Fathers in Albuquerque announced they would be building a new  chapel and new cemetery.  The old cemetery near the San Felipe de Neri Church would no longer hold burials.  Father Donato Gasparri found a better site three miles from the Old Town site.  The greater number of the bodies from the old grounds were carefully moved in 1869.

The first recorded interment was August 1870.  The earliest existing monuments are those of Vicente Otero (1877), Jesusita Baca de Romero (1877) and Diego Armijo (1878).

In 1936, the Reverend Libertini chaired a committee to modernize and beautify the cemetery.  In 1938, a solemn high mass dedicated the new chapel and cemetery.  The parishes of San Felipe and Immaculate Conception used Santa Barbara Cemetery which later became a part of the newer larger Mount Calvary Cemetery.
- Cheryl Harris