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Mrs. Hannah V. Rose
On June 12, 1919, the home of our friend and neighbor, L. P. B. Rose,
was broken up by the death of his wife, Hannah V. Rose. Mrs. Rose had
been in failing health for several months, and a trip to Baltimore,
where specialists were consulted, revealed to the family the fact that
her case had passed beyond the skill of the medical profession, and all
they could do was to recommend her return home where kind friends
ministered to her wants till she passed beyond the reach of mortal aid.
She was 61 years 4 months and 14 days old, and was married to L. P. B.
Rose, May 17, 1887. They were parents of eight children, two of whom had
preceded her to the land of rest. Those living are: Ernest C. Rose of
Curtin; Virgil A. Rose of Erle, Pa.; Maude M. Mace of Hacker Valley,
Lulu R. Mace of Boone county, and Herma V. and Amy E. Rose, who are
teaching school. All the children but one have been school teachers,
thus following the example of their mother who was a successful teacher
before them.
Mrs. Rose was a devoted Christian lady and it was a pleasure to join her
in conversation on the Bible, for she loved that good Book and made it
her constant companion in seeking after knowledge of the higher life.
She believed its teachings and endeavored to fashion her life after its
precepts. She thought deeply on its philosophy and could converse with
interest in her own original way on passages hard of understanding. When
16 years of age she joined the Church of the Disciples and lived
consistently in that church till fifteen years ago when she and her
husband both joined the Sand Run Baptist Church where she continued to
live the faithful Christian life among her neighbors and friends.
The home has been broken up, and the children and Mr. Rose are no longer
there, but the fond memory of the old hearthstone where this godly woman
used to direct the outgoings and incomings of her children will still
follow them wheresoe're they go, and they will feel in the sober
reflections of life that their best friend is just a few steps ahead,
calling them on and up.
Mrs. Rose, besides her immediate family, also leaves four sisters and
one brother, namely W. H. Rice, Sarah Jane Shriver, Mariah Carpenter,
Roxana Carpenter and Mary Rose. Her friends were limited only by the
circle of her acquaintances. She was a good neighbor, kind, thoughtful
of the needs of others, and ever stood ready to minister to the wants of
those about her. She felt that the best service one could give to the
world was to do the very best you can in the place you have been called
to fill, be it large or small, either in public life or in the precincts
of home. She took a lively interest in public affairs and kept posted on
the great world events that have been passing in such rapid strides in
recent years. She has written several articles that show the trend of a
thoughtful, earnest mind.
Her children will all do well to emulate her life as it was daily lived
before them and the world as an open book to be read by all who knew
her. H. H. B.

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