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Mr. M. R. Eure Dead
Mr. Mills R. Eure, died Tuesday morning at 8:15 o'clock with acute gastritis. He had been sick about ten days but his friends had no fear concerning him until last night when he became much worse and his condition became alarming. He continued to grow worse until death came and released him of his agonies. 
Mr. Eure was born in Gatesville N.C. and was a young man in his 30th year. He was a son of Judge M. L. Eure and wife, Susan, who was a daughter of Mills Roberts a prominent citizen of Gates county. Was educated at the University of North Carolina. Served in the House of Representative of his native couty and was Vice Consul to Victoria, B.C. in President Clevelands administration. On his return he opened up a law office and in 1898 came to Greenville and he and Mr. Donnell Gilliam, of Tarboro, formed a co-partnership and since that time until his death they had been practicing in the courts here. 
Mr. Eure was a young man of decided talent and high sense of honor. He was amiable, kind and affectionate and endeared himself, was beloved be his friends and all who knew him. 
He was burried Wednesday at Gatesville, his native place, and where resided most of his relatives. Mr. Eure left surviving him of his immediate family, his father, Judge Eure, of Norfolk, and an only sister, Mrs. Dr. Bell, of Wilmington, N.C. 
"The Eastern Reflector", D. J. Whichard, ed., Greenville, Pitt County, N.C., Vol. XX, No. 73 
Friday, September 20, 1901

Mr. Wm. Jernigan Dead.
We are indeed sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Wm. Jernigan which sad event occ[u]rred Sunday morning at 5 o'clock. He was stricken with paralysis only four days before his death. He was about 47 years old and leaves a widow and several children by his first wife. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C., Vol. 21, No. 43 
Thursday, February 19, 1903
The death angel visited the home of Wm. Jernigan and took Mr. Jernigan to the world unknown. We [re]gret the loss of such a man. He was a good husband, a good citizen and a good christian, a member of Rosses church. There has never been a misdeed recorded against him on the church roll, nor on the criminal docket in Windsor. He leaves a widow and eleven children, two brothers and three sisters to mourn the loss and to follow his foot prints. He lived a life worthy of our emulation. we all sympathize with the bereft. Rev. T. T. Speight preached his funeral. He was married twice. He married Miss Maria Jernigan the last time. After h[i]s death she gave up all the money he had, and gave up every thing that was there and said it did not belong to her and that the heirs could give her fifty dollars or nothing; it was all right with her. They gave her $300 and beged her to take it and she signed her right away in every thing. She is an exceptional woman; there is not another out of a thousand.
She is a christian. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C., Vol. 21, No. 44 
Thursday, February 26, 1903

Distressing Accident.-- The Norfolk papers announce the death of Mr. John Harrell, of Hertford County, under the following afflicting circumstances: Mr. Harrel[l] was returning home from court on Monday, the 22d ultimo, with his little son in a gig; when the horse took fright, and, whilst endeavoring to pull him in the reins broke. Having thus lost all control over his horse, Mr. H. desired his son to jump out, who did so, and escaped without injury. The father then attempted to escape from the vehicle in the same manner; but, unfortunately, the wheel came in contact with his head, and fractured the temple bone. he lingered until the following evening, when he expired. 
"Edenton North-Carolina Gazette", Edenton, [Chowan County], N.C. 
Saturday, March 20, 1830

Died in Hertford county, on the 5th ultimo, Godwin Cotton, Esq. in the 70th year of his age. 
"Edenton Gazette and Farmer's Palladium", Edenton, [Chowan County], N.C. 
July 15, 1830

DIED in Washington, on the 15th inst. at the house of the Secretary of the Navy, the Rev. Daniel Southall, of Murfreesborough, North Carolina 
"Edenton Gazette and Farmer's Palladium", Edenton, [Chowan County], N.C. 
October 21, 1830

Disaster-- We learn from the New York papers, that the schr. Olivia Cox, Pike, from Murfreesbro, and bound for that port, was driven ashore a few miles north of Barnegat during the late storm. Capt. Pike and one of the crew perished soon after landing. 
"Edenton Gazette and Farmer's Palladium", Edenton, [Chowan County], N.C. 
December 23, 1830

April 30 Sister Jane Evans was called to heavenly reward at the ripe old age of 77. She was a member of Bethany Babtist Church of Bertie county. Burial services conducted by R. B. Lineberry. --R, B. Lineberry, Colerain N. C. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, July 30, 1914 [Vol. 27 no. 11]

Sister Glennie V. Burch died June 10, aged twenty six years. She leave a husband and three small children. Burial services at Christian Harbor church, of Hertford county, conducted by R. B. Lineberry. --R. B. Lineberry Colerain, N. C. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, July 30, 1914 [Vol. 27 no. 11]

June 28, Brother Thomas Harrell died, aged fifty-five years. He was a member of the Rocky Mount Baptist Church of Chowan county. On account of absence and sickness of his beloved pastor, Rev. Josiah Elliott, the burial services was conducted by R. B. Lineberry. --R. B. Lineberry, Colerain, N. C. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, July 30, 1914 [Vol. 27 no. 11]

At noonday on Sunday May 17, 1914, in a Norfolk hospital, Mr. W. P. Hoggard's early life ended and he passed into the Haven of Rest."
Mr. Hoggard was born in 1849 near Bethlehem Church Hertford county. He was the son of Rev. Thomas Hoggard. Very early in life he became a member of Bethlehem church where he took an active part in the work of that church until he moved to Aulander and united with the Aulander Baptist Church. He truly loved his church and took great interest in it. Before his health failed, It was a rare thing to be absent from any of its meetings. When he could not attend church his heart was in the work.
He was twice married; first, to Miss Nannie Wynns. One child blessed their union. His last wife was Miss Mary Emma White, daughter of Rev. Harrvey J. White. To them were born two sons; the late T. J. Hoggard, of Baltimore and Mr. Bailey Hoggard, of Aulander. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, July 30, 1914 [Vol. 27 no. 11]

Elisha Hoggard, Esquire
In 1866 I was at Terrapin Point fishing and saw a tall strong built man bring there a load of barrels and kegs. I heard my father say to my mother "It is useless to inspect Elisha Hoggard's barrels and kegs. He is honest and a good barrel maker." I have thought of that often as I have for these forty-eight years seen and known Mr. Hoggard. As I grew to manhood he gave me his business, his confidence and his friendship. He died suddenly on Thursday last. He had come to the ripe age of eighty-four years. He spent them decently, industriously and honorably. He was a good man and I mourn the loss of a friend. He came of a long lived stock. Timothy Hoggard is now near ninety-three years of age. Mr. Hoggard's son, John T. Hoggard is a faithful county officer, a Justice of the Peace and County Surveyor. He deserves to the fullest extent the high opinion the public has of him. 
Francis D. Winston.
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, July 30, 1914 [Vol. 27 no. 11]

Timothy Hoggard
Nearing the end of his ninety first year on Monday night of last week death gently severed the threads that bound my old friend to life and he painlessly passed to the beyond. I first saw Mr. Hoggard at Terrapin Point fishery in the spring of 1866. He was a quiet peaceable citizen. I do not recall that I ever saw him in the court room; certainly never saw him enter as party to a suit, as juror, or witness. Few men have that record. He was of friendly disposition. He never shunned labor. He worked in this season's crop. He was honest. He died free of debt. His daughters are Mrs. Frank Cobb and Mrs. Lou Miller. His son, Mr. James Hoggard, lived with him. He lead an honorable life. It was always a pleasure to meet him. I shall miss him. I shall miss him. 
Francis D. Winston.
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, November 15, 1914 [Vol. 27 no. 22]

Killing in Colerain
Mr. George E. Clay Shot and Killed by Mr. Sullivan.
Coroner's Inquest Holds the Same Justifiable
Mr. George E. Clay of near Colerain, was shot and killed last Wednesday. A man by the name of Sulliyan who has not long since moved from Texas and Mr. Clay got in an altercation, we are informed, and it resulted in the shooting of Clay. From what we have heard, some differences arose between the two in the cultivation of a crop. Mr. Sullivan lived with or farmed for Mr. Clay, and was accused by the latter of preparing to move and also of having a pistol belonging to him. On Tuesday afternoon Mr. Clay went to Colerain to procure a search warrant, and on being unable to do so, returned home and accosted Mr. Sullivan for his belongings he had accused him of having. And in the fracus that occurred, it is said that Mr. Clay was shot with his own pistol. The Coroner was summoned and in the inquest held the jury held the killing was justifiable. We are told that the trouble was witnessed by several citizens of the community who testified in the inquest. Mr. Clay is the man who shot a negro at his home some time ago. The negro went to Clay's home demanding money or reparation in some trouble between the two, in a threatening manner; and in this the Cononer's inquest held that he was justified. Mr. Clay lived a short ways from Colerain and was a man of middle age and an energetic farmer. We do not know Mr. Sullivan who, we are told, has recently moved from the State of Texas and is now farming in that section. Both men are married and have familios. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, April 29, 1915 [Vol. 27, no. 48]

On the 11th of June 1915, our dear Heavenly Father in his wonderful power sent his Death Angel in our neighborhood and took from us the oldest woman in our community, Mrs. Pennritta Hoggard.
For seventy-eight years and one month she lived with us and tried to make her neighbors a better people, and her neighborhood a better place to live in.
At fifteen years old a very early age of her day she accepted the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and joined Ross' Baptist church.
She had been in bad health a few years, but her children, especially her three daughters responded in every time of need, and lent their helping hand to the best of their ability.
She left eight children thirty-seven grand children and thirteen great grand children to mourn her loss. She came to their call for over fifty years, she can no longer come to them, but if they walk in her foot steps, they will go to her, and will greet mother in that home beyond the sky.
Among the dead our sister sleeps,
Her life was rounded true and well
And love in bitter sorrow weeps
About her dark and silent cell.
E. B. H.
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, July 8, 1915

Death of Mrs. Dicey E. Jernigan
On last Tuesday, June 22, 1915, our Saviour sent an Angel from his throne and took from us Mrs. Dicy E. Jernigan and carried her to the beautiful Heavenly home. She was in apparent good health until Tuesday just about 11 o'clock. She was taken with paralysis which she lived just only a few hours. Aunt Dicy was a good woman and kind hearted and did all she could to help one another. How hard it was for us to part from her but the good Lord knoweth and doth all things best, so he called her to go and live with Him in that beautiful home above where we hope to meet her in the "Sweet Bye and Bye." She will be greatly missed for no one can fill her place in our heart, tho' it will be a sacred thought in the years to come to relatives and friends that she shed radience in the home as long as she did. She was 60 years of age and was a member of Ross's Baptist church. She leaves two sisters, Mrs. Z. E. Daniels and Mrs. Pennie Miller and three brothers, Mr. C. P. Jernigan, George G. Jernigan and Lewis Jernigan, with whom she resided at the time of her death. Her husband preceded her to the grave some ten or twelve years ago. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. R. B. Lineberry and the remains were interred in in the family burial ground Wednesday afternoon. 
Their hearts were breaking and they wept,
When they last saw her here,
But love has followed her beyond
And we shall know her there.
Farwell dear Aunt farewell,
Peaceful be thy silent rest,
I hope we'll meet in Heaven,
When my time shall come to die. 
By her neice.
Eva Jernigan.
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, July 1, 1915

Daniel Van Pelt Sessoms, son of D. V. and Eliza Sessoms, born in Hertford County, N. C., March 4, 1844, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Weaver, Rich Square, N. C. on June 20, 1915 after an illness of four months. He was a patient sufferer, age seventy-one. Late in life he joined the Rich Square M. E. Church, South, became a member of the John Wesley Bible Class and was a consistent member of both, attending regularly until sickness prevented. He leaves four children,, Mrs. J. W. Weaver, Rich Square; Mrs. D. R. McGerbor, Winton, N. C; Oscar and D. V. Sessoms, of Norfolk, Va., and seven grandchildren. We miss you grandpa -His grandson, Robert 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, September 23, 1915 [Vol. 31 no. 15]

Leroy L. Smith
Attorney Leroy L. Smith, of Gates, the news reached Windsor Monday, died at his home in Gates on Sunday. We have no particulars save that he died very suddenly, while at his bedside kneeling in the act of saying his prayers. Mr. Smith had many friends in Bertie county where he visited at every term of our court, and his many friends will hear of his death with much regret. 
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, October 28, 1915

Mrs. James Todd Evans
When I saw my friend Will Evans in Windsor on Friday last I shook hands with him. I did not then know that he had lost all that a man can lose, his well beloved wife. If I had known it I should have clasped his hand with tighter grip and spoken the words of sympathy which now come to my call. Mrs. Evans was a good chrisitian woman, a member of Ross' church[.] She was liked by all her neighbor. She was a daughter of my old friend Marcus Todd. He has been dead many years. Will Evans is a fine type of what a Bertie county boy fine type of what a Bertie county boy can become. He and his wife were farm born, They have builded a nice home. He raises what he needs and has something over to sell. He gives to the needy. He favors a good scool. He speaks in good causes. I give him my hand, but this time it is the hand of a friend who have known sorrow and feel for those who weep. God bless him and his in my prayer. 
Francis D. Winston.
"Windsor Ledger", Windsor, [Bertie County], N.C. 
Thursday, November 25, 1915 [Vol. 31 no. 24]

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