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03 May 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Washington Township - AMANDA, wife of H. G. ADAMS and daughter of MALACHI COLLINS died, on the 25th of April. She leaves a husband, father, mother, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. 

From Hindoostan, Monroe County - A story about an early settler of the area. JULIAN ANN McCALLEY was born in Virginia, December 25th, 1810 and first settled in Charleston, the county seat of Clark County, Indiana. She was raised by Judge THOMPSON since her father was killed in the War of 1812. Also, her Grandfather fought in the Battle of Camden, S.C. in the Revolution, at which time he was only 13 years old. Her maiden name was McCALLISTER. Sha was married to JOSEPH McCANLEY (McCAULEY, McCALLY) in 1833, at Charleston and came to Monroe County in 1835. She was the mother of 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 son. 

IRA LEWIS died at his residence in Jefferson Township, Tuesday. 

10 May 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Mooresville - CHARLIE ALLEN, a most promising young man of Friendswood, took sick while at his duties at the Normal School at Danville, and died at his home at Friendswood last Sunday. He was to be married shortly. 

From Alaska - The remains of HARRISON McGINNIS were taken up and reburied at the Carver Graveyard, one day last week. He died August 1868. 

Memorial services for the late Mrs. OLIVER DILLON will be held at the Antioch M.P. Church, on the sabbath, May 20th. 

Died - ARCHIBALD CRAMER, one of the oldest citizens, died at his residence May 7th. Mr. CRAMER was in his 80th year and came to this county in 1839. He married in 1826. His aged wife, who still survives him, is 81 years old. This is the 1st death that ever occurred in this family, though there are several children. 

17 May 1883 The Martinsville Republican

Mrs. ELVA ELKINS died yesterday. 

From Cope- Mrs. POLLY MILES died this morning of old age, being 85 years old. 

Yesterday evening, Mrs. BETSEY BAILEY died. Old mother BAILEY was one of the 1st settlers of Green Township. She was about 75 years old. 

From Mooresville - SAMUEL LEATHERS died at his residence South of town last Sunday. 

Died - SAMUEL J HADLEY, of Monroe Township, died at his home last evening, May 16th. He was the senior member of the firm of S. J. HADLEY & Son, dealer in agriculture implements at Indianapolis. He had been 3 times married but was a widower at the time of his death. 6 or 7 children are left orphans. 

24 May 1883 The Martinsville Republican

The wife of J. C. AREND, of Adams Township, died last Friday. (Obit below) 

The 6 year old child of WASH THACKER, South of this city, was very severely burned last Sunday. All its clothing was burned off and almost its entire body was burned. It died Thursday. 

In Memorium for WILLIE SHINN, age 15, who died in Indianapolis. The funeral was held last Tuesday. 

31 May 1883 The Martinsville Republican

Obituary for ARCHIBALD CRAMER - He was born in Morris County, New Jersey, in the year of our lord of 1803 and died in Martinsville May 7th. He married to MARGARET STEPHENSON, his now bereaved companion, in the year 1826, and 4 sons and 2 daughters were born to them, all of whom are living. In the fall of 1839, he came to Indiana and settled in Martinsville, then a small village. 

Obituary for RECE F AREND, who died Friday May 18th. She was born in Johnson County January 5th, 1834, being in her 49th year, 4 months and 13 days old. She was the daughter of SILAS RUSSELL and when quite young, moved with her parents to Owen County where she lived until after her marriage with CHRISTOPHER AREND in 1854; moved then with her husband to Morgan County. She leaves a husband and 7 children. 

From Wilbur - Aunt DELIA FERGUSON died on the 23rd, and was buried at the Poplar Grove Cemetery. 

From Waverly - GEORGE W FIELDS, after a short illness, died and was buried at Glenn's Valley, Marion County. He was the 13 year old son of F M FIELDS. 

H MITCHELL, one of the oldest citizens of Harrison Township, died May 23rd. He was buried at Shilo. 

From Alaska - GEORGE SUMMERS' wife died Saturday night. 

07 June 1883 The Martinsville Republican

Obituary- THOMAS M MITCHELL was born in Greenville, Tennesee, July 25th, 1790, and died at his home near Waverly, Morgan County, May 23rd. He was married to MARTHA COLEMAN in 1825, with whom he lived in uninterupted happiness until her death in 1869. They had 3 children, one dying in infancy. The other 2, daughters, who were married but now are dead were MARTHA, who married A. T. WILEY, and EMELINE, who married A. K. TAYLOR. Mr. MITCHELL had learned both the gunsmith and cabinet trade. 

From Mooresville - WM. COSAND died at this place last Sunday morning. 

Mrs. MARY TOWNSEND, wife of IRVIN TOWNSEND, died Tuesday last. She was 58 years old. 

DAVID DURIE , who lives South of this city, died last Saturday afternoon. He was buried at the Cramer Graveyard. 

14 June 1883 The Martinsville Republican

Obituary for MARY E. BROUGHTON, daughter of PERRY and ANN BROUGHTON, who died in Indianapolis, May 24th, aged 11 years. 

The wife of WM. DIXON, of Jefferson Township, died Tueday evening, 

21 June 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Jackson Township - The funeral of FRANK HAMILTON was preached at Mt Nebo last Sunday. dated 6/16 

28 June 1883 The Martinsville Republican

Obituary - Died Monday June 11th, ELI SLAUGHTER, aged 12 years and 6 months. 

From Mt. Nebo - (correction, Mt Olive. R.) - Died Mrs. WILLIAM DIXON of Lamb's Creek. 

Obituary - NANCY JANE SUMMER, whose maiden name was ALLEY, was born in Putnam County, Indiana July 17th, 1863. She was quite young when she moved, with her parents W.E. and MAHALA ALLEY, to Ashland Township, Morgan County, Indiana where she has continued to live until her death, which was May 19th. She was 19 years, 10 months and 2 days old. She married GEORGE R. SUMMER March 25th, 1882 and leaves an infant son. 

Local Summary - Mrs. S. F. CARSON, of this city, who visited the South for her health several months ago, died at Nashville, Tennessee, a couple of weeks ago. 

WILLIAM PAXSON, of Green Township, father of Mr. PAXSON, County Superintendent of Schools, died very suddenly and unexpectedly last Tuesday morning. He was 73 years old and had been a citizen of this county for about 30 years. 

Mr JOHN HERZOG died last Saturday morning, at the age of 67.

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