What is an obituary?

An obituary is a death notice prepared and published in a newspaper which contains biographical information such as age, birthplace, profession, address, place of death, and names of surviving relatives.


What is

  • A free cross-referenced index to obituaries and obituary related resources on the Internet.
  • A listing of hyperlinks pointing to online obituary research sites.
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Why does index obituaries on some online newspapers that already have search engines?

If an online newspaper has a search engine that searches obituaries exclusively, then we link to that search engine.   If their search engine brings up results that include the sports, commentaries, news, etc., then we attempt to index just the obituaries for your researching convenience.    If you desire to find your surnames in the other sections of the publication, then it is best to use their search facilities.


I can't find my Aunt Lillie in your search engine and I know she died on Apr. 14, 1998 in Pecos County   Why?

Unfortunately, not every obituary is available online.    However, attempts to index all the obituaries that are available online. 


Why are obituaries important?

For many of our ancestors and relatives, the obituary is the only "biographical sketch" of that individual. The biographical information contained in an obituary (such as names, dates, and place of birth death and marriage) can be extremely useful to genealogists and people researching their family histories.

In short, obituaries can provide a wealth of genealogical and biographical information about your relatives and ancestors. is your headquarters for researching obituaries.


Whatís the cost of using is a free service.  Please recommend it to all your friends and colleagues who are doing obituary related research.


How do I Submit a New Link or Report Broken Links?

If you find or hear of a new obituary related web site that is not listed or an existing link that is broken, please send us an email at  For new sites please include the URL address and verify the site is not already listed.

For broken links on the site, please email the link and the page where the broken links is located.


What is a death certificate?  Where can I get copies of a death certificate?

A death certificate is a document issued by a government official, such as a city or town clerk, which declares the date, location and cause of a person's death. Death certificates can be used to legally document a personís death for probate, insurance, or estate purposes

We recommend that you visit, which is a state-by-state guide to obtaining copies of death certificates, birth certificates, marriage records, and divorce decrees.


Do you have a mailing list that can let me know when new links are added?

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How do I write an obituary?

Please see the page How to write an obituary.