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Thursday, 10 Mar 1932
Asa Church
On February 22nd came the close of a life that had been well
spent in the Kemper community when Mr. Asa Church passed to
his reward. He was in his 72nd year. He had suffered for quite
awhile but had bourne his affliction with great patience. He
was a faithful and loyal member of Kemper Baptist Church and
had served for many years as a deacon of the church and was the
senior deacon at the time of his death.
The floral offerings were beautiful, attesting the high esteem
in which he was held in the community. A good citizen, a faithful
and loyal Christian has gone from us. He will be greatly missed.
His wife and children have the deep, heartfelt sympathy of the
entire community.
...His Pastor

Thursday, 3 Mar 1932
Joel B. Hayes
Joel B. Hayes, at the age of 15, on June 18, 1866 married pretty
Ann Hill, 14 year lassie, at Page's Mill, in old Marion County,
now Lake View, in Dillon County. On February 16, 1932 at the age
of 81 years, Joel B. Hayes died at his homestead near Lake View
where he had spent his entire life, including 66 years of marital
blessedness, during which time nine children were born to them,
six of whom still live, and his bride of nearly three-quarters of
a century survives him. Of the surviving children there are three
sons who are 64, 42, and 31 years respectively, three daughters
who are 51, 42, and 38 years old.  Mr. and Mrs. Hayes enjoyed the
distinction of having 41 grandchildren and 44 great grandchildren
of whom all but three are still living.
A large concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives paid tribute
to this "grand old man" of Marion and Dillon Counties at his
funeral and interment at the Hayes burying ground near Lake View.
Rev. Mr. Jones, pastor of the Lake View Methodist Church
It is seldom that a couple live to the ripe old age of nearly a
century and as man and wife for almost three-quarters of a
century and enjoy such rich blessings as 84 children,
grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
Dillon and Marion Counties are saddened by the passing of this
splendid citizen, notwithstanding he was spared to such a long
life of usefulness and goodness far beyond man's allotted three
score years and ten. His widow lives in Dillon County, loved and
respected as was her worthy husband who has passed to his reward. 

Obituary of Loftis Redlee Munnerlyn
The Southern Christian Advocate
Vol. V11, 27, December 15, 1843
"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
Died, at the house of his son, Rev. T. M. Munnerlyn, in Marion District, S.C., 
on 10th September last, Loftis R. Munnerlyn, aged about ninety years.  He was 
with Marion throughout our revolutionary struggle, and with that brave and 
favourite son of Carolina, fought for the liberties we now enjoy.  After living 
thirty years in the enjoyment of the and prosperity of his country, which his 
own bravery in part had procured, he at length was awakened in a sense of his 
lost state, through the instrumentality of his son, and gladly accepted the 
offer of mercy and grace through the intercession of a crucified Redeemer; and 
thenceforward to the day of his death, continued a consistent member of the 
M.E. Church, having learned to fight the battles of the Lord in the latter 
part of his life, as he had fought the battles of his country in the earlier 
part.  The gruits of his former battle was deliverance from the tyranny of 
an earthly sovereign, with the enjoyment of civil liberty.  His latter battles 
gave him the victory over the powers of darkness, and we trust he now wears a 
crown of rejoicing with the redeemed of the Lord, and has possession of an 
inheritance which passeth not away.

Mrs. Sarah Ann Price
Mrs. Sarah Ann Price, daughter of Rev. James Smith, was born Mar 9th,
1829, in Marion county, S. C. She was married to Leban Price, April 25,
1848, who died Dec. 24, 1876. To this union was born nine children, six sons
and three daughters. The eldest died at six years of age. The rest of the
family are still living, with thirty-four grandchildren and twenty-four great
She died at the home of her son, James M. Price, near Melrose, Fla.,
Dec. 4th, 1917.
She joined the M.E. Church, South, at about 20 years of age and lived a 
noble Christian life, having those motherly qualities that enabled her
to leave a good "inheritance to her children's children."

LABORN PRICE was born in Marion District, S.C., May 16, 1827, and died in Putnam
county, Fla., December 24, 1876.
Brother Price moved to Florida in 1859, joined the Methodist E. Church when 17
years old, and from that time till his death, he maintained a consistent Christian life.
As a member of the Church he was faithful never missing an opportunity of attending
church. He was liberal in supporting the cause of Christ, was always glad to see his
preacher come to his house, which was indeed a preaches home.  He was very fond
of prayer, especially family and private prayer. He erected a family altar, and kept it
up for many years; before he died he told his sons "never let the family altar go down,
for said he, there I have spent the happiest hours of my life." Brother Price was the
father of nine children, six sons and three daughters. The eldest daughter preceded
him to the better land. No father was ever more successful in training his children
than brother Price. He provided well for his family both temporarily and spiritually--he
lived to see all of his children members of the M.E. Church except one whom he re-
quest to join on his death bed. Truly brother Price lived and died in the Lord.
As a citizen he was honored and beloved.  He was buried with Masonic honors in the
presence of a large gathering after which Dr. McRae delived an eulogy to his mem-

Obituary  of Moses Smith, Southern Christian Advocate, Methodist Newspaper
which began June 24, 1837
SCA:  8/7/1856
Vol X, No. 9 page 36, Col. 1
Died, in Marion, S.C. June 30, 1846, the Rev. Moses Smith, in the
seventy-sixth year of his age.  He was a native of North Carolina, joined
the M. E. Church when he  was about twenty-one years of age, and was
licensed to preach by the Quarterly Conference of Little Pee Dee Circuit,
June 21st, 1806, George Daugherty being the presiding Elder. He was ordained
Deacon by Bishop Asbury, Jan. 10, 1813--in a little shop by the way-side in
Marion.  This is stated on the parchment, in the Bishop's own handwriting.
He was ordained Elder by Bishop George, Jan. 14th, 1821.  Father Smith
joined the church in those days that tried men's souIs.  He had  much
opposition, but "none of those things moved him."  His unaffected piety soon
gained the esteem of his enemies.  His  cheerfulness seasoned with all the
gentleness of humble love, his meek wisdom, his even stability, and
unyielding integrity, won upon the affections, and secured to him the
friendship  of all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.  He was a man
of honest heart, plain address, good utterance, and sound judgment.  He had to
contend with the privations of poverty all his life, but he always appeared
"contented with such things as he had."  He had a heart that overflowed with
gratitude, for what many would call small favours.  He never thought of an
injury, and never forgot a favour.  Although he lived almost to a
"patriarch's length of days," yet his mind retained its vigour and strength.
He was so afflicted the last few years of his life with asthma that he was
not able to preach.  It nearly destroyed his voice, so that,
"His big manly voice
Turning again toward childish treble pipes,
And whistled in its sound."
His last illness was short; but he suffered extremely; appeared conscious
all the while, that the attack was to terminate his sufferings.  A few
moments before his departure, he called his family around him, exhorted
them, gave directions concerning his burial, selected the text for his
funeral sermon, and bade them a final farewell, then fell asleep in Jesus.
Thus lived and died old Father Smith, universally  beloved, and regretted
"Farewell: thy cherished image dear, Shall many a heart, with pious love
Colin Murchison
Marion, July 18, 1846

Marion Star, Wednesday, Nov 6, 1918 --  
James R. Snipes, a respected merchant of Marion, died at his home at the
old Fair Ground Friday, after an attack of influenza, followed by
pneumonia. He had been ill only a short time and the announcement of this
death came as a surprise except to those close to him, and to them it was
a great shock. Mr. Snipes was an unusually strong and vigorous man and it
was surprising how quickly he fell a victim to disease. For several years
he had been successfully conducting a small mercantile business in the
eastern part of the city. He was highly respected by his community and was
considered an honest, upright man. He was a member of several secret
orders and was a faithful member of Spring Branch Methodist Church. The
funeral was conducted by Dr. J. W. Daniel at Rose Hill Cemetery Saturday
afternoon. Mr. Snipes is survived by his wife and 8 children.

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