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Camden Chronicle
January 5, 1903
Death of George Clyburn 
Last Saturday about noon Mr Geo. W. Clyburn passed away after suffering a week with
pneumonia brought on by getting overheated the night of the fire and being exposed in the
cold going home. Dr. McClure was the attending physician and he called in consultation Drs. Baskins and Alford, but all to no avail. Mr Clyburn will be missed not only by his family but by the whole community. He was buried and leaves a wife and five or six small children. Mr Clyburn married a sister of Mrs Robt. Latta and lived in Camden for several years.

Camden Chronicle
July 4, 1902
James Clyburn 
Mr James Clyburn one of the oldest citizens of Kershaw County died at the residence of his son, Mr Wm. A. Clyburn, on last Wednesday night and was buried on Thursday afternoon at the Brannon graveyard in the presence of a large crowd od sorrowing relatives and friends, Mr Clyburn was a consistent member of the Methodist church and
was for many years a local exhorter in that churcch. He was about 90 years of age and
leaves a large number of descendants to mourn his demise. Truly a good man is gone.

Special to The State.
Winnsboro, Dec. 29. - 
The entire community was saddened Friday morning when it became known that Mrs. Sallie Gladden had passed away; however, her health had been such for the last few months that her death was not unexpected since she had suffered a stroke of paralysis in May and a second stroke a few weeks ago.
A woman passionately devoted to her family and to her home it was there she was always to be found giving untiringly of her time and strength to the many duties that devolved upon her.
Her friends, and she numbered them by the score, were from all classes, nor was there any
discrimination as to color.
Mrs. Gladden, whose maiden name was Sarah Margaret Gayden, was born in Chester county, being the oldest child of Hilliard J. and Margaret GAYDEN, December 2, 1846. 
She received her education at Mrs. Katharine Ladd's school and is survived by only one of
her schoolmates, Mrs. N. E. PRESSLY, of Winnsboro. At the age of 22 she was married
to Jesse A. GLADDEN of Rocky Mount, Fairfield county, who died 31 years ago. From this union there were 12 children, nine of whom are living and were with her in her last illness. They are, James A., John G., H. G., R. T., W. L., Ernest and Bratton GLADDEN.
Mrs. O. B. WEEKS and Mrs. R. H. McDOWELL. She is survived by one brother also, John M. GAYDEN, of Columbia.
Funeral services were held at Bethesda Methodist church, conducted by her pastor, the Rev. W. A. FAIRY, assisted by Dr. Oliver JOHNSON of Winnsboro and the Rev. Henry STOKES of Great Falls. The interment was in the old family burying ground at the church. The many and beautiful flowers were a symbol of the love and esteem in which she was held.

Camden Chronicle
March 12, 1915
Mrs. Hough Dead
Well Known Lady Died at Her Home Tuesday Morning
Our community was saddened Tuesday to hear that Mrs Mary Liddell Hough had died in the early hours of the morning at her home on Broad Street. Although in delicate health for a long time, only a few of her friends knew that the end was so near, and the news came as a shock to many who held her in high esteem. 
Mrs Hough before her marriage was Miss Mary Liddell Kirkland of near Westville, in this county and was born in this county sixty-seven years ago. She was a close relative of Richard Kirkland, the hero of Fredericksburg.
In early girlhood, she married the late Joel Hough, who was a brave soldier of the Confederacy and after the war served kershaw county as clerk of the court.
A true christian, a loyal friend, her funeral was largely attended at the Baptist Church
Wednesday morning at eleven o’clock, conducted by her pastor, the Rev. John A. Davison. A large collection of spring’s choicest flowers sent by loving friends attested the esteem in which she was held. 
She is survived by the following children: Messrs. Isaac, Sam, Charlie and Joel Hough,
and Mrs P. J. Redmond of Bennettsville and Miss Nan Hough of this city. The burial occurred at the old Quaker cemetery beside the husband, who had predeceased her nine years ago. The following gentlemen acted as pall bearers: Messrs. W. L. McDowell,. G. C. Bruce, W. L. Rush, D. M. McCaskill, N. C. Arnett and T. E. Goodale.

Camden Chronicle
January 6, 1893
Mamie Haile
Miss Mamie Haile daughter of Mr and Mrs B. F. Haile, died last Monday morning after an illness of only two days. She was in the fourtheenth year of her age, and for her sweet and kindly disposition, was beloved by all who knew her

Henrietta Hinson
Camden Chronicle
A particularly sad death occurred in the home of Mr W. M. Hinson on last Wednesday morning. Henrietta, his little daughter, three years old, was eating piaders last Monday afternoon when she sucked one on the hulls down her windpipe. Every effort was made to remove it but without avail, and the little sufferer died at the time stated above. To add to the anguish Mr Hinson was away from home and did not return before his little daughter 
died. Oh, the anguish of that fond parent's heart who left his little child apparently in no danger, to return to find it cold in death!To the grief stricken father and mother we tender our deepest sympathies and may they find consolation in the fact that though their little one cannot return to them, they can go to her. The funeral took place at 3 o'clock on Thursday afternoon.

Camden Chronicle
July 19, 1902
A Sad Death
Mrs W. T. Hammond
Possibly one of the saddest deaths that ever occurred in Camden, was that of Mrs W. T.
Hammond last Monday evening about 7 o'clock. She had not been sick long and her death
was entirely unexpected. She leaves eight children- one boy and seven girls - the youngest of whom was two years old the day the mother was buried. The funeral services were held at the Baptist church conducted by Revs. John Ferris and W. C. Fail. The interment took place in the cemetery. The heartbroken husband and his little children have the deepest sympathy of the entire community.

Camden Chronicle
August 31, 1895
W. B. Welch
A brutal and most coldblooded murder occurred at Haile's Gold Mine kon last Saturday night. Mr. W. B. Welch, the seventeen year old son of Capt. J. V. Welch of Kershaw, was shot to death by Chalie Loyd, colored. It is said that the negro had no provocation whatsoever to commit the act. Immediately after the shooting Loyd absconded but was hotly pursued by a posse of men from Kershaw and was overtaken and captured in
Monroe, NC on Tuesday night.

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