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01 Mar 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Alaska - Mrs. MOLLIE APPLEGATE, nee GOSS, the wife of JAMES APPLEGATE, died, on the 22nd. She leaves a husband and 5 little children. 

JOHN HOLMES died, at his father's residence, February 20th. Age 83. dated 2/26 

In Memorium - Mrs. MATTIE GEYER, wife of Dr. FRED GEYER, died February 12th, 1883, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. MARION CUNNINGHAM, 1 mile South of Martinsville. She was buried at Hynsdale. 

At rest, MARTHA BOTHWELL, wife of JOHN BOTHWELL of this city, died Sunday, February 25th, aged 64 years, 9 months and 15 days. MARTHA HYNDS was born in the county of Monakin, Ireland, May 12, 1818. She moved to America and located in Morgan County when she was 18 years old. She was married to RICHARD WEATHERS who died after 5 years leaving her a widow, with 1 child. In March, 1846, she married JOHN BOTHWELL. She leaves 2 children (daughters) from this last marriage; an aged husband; a sister, Mrs. BELLE KENNEDY; and a brother WILLIAM HYNDS. 

08 Mar 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From NW Ray Township - Died, the wife of JAMES APPLEGATE. She leaves a husband and 5 children. 
Uncle TOBY BUTLER was born in the state of Maryland, in Frederickstown, in the year 1794, February 20th. He enlisted in the War of 1812. At the age of 22 he became a mason. 

From Mooresville - A little girl of Mr. and Mrs. FRANK M. HADLEY died last Monday evening. 

In Memorium - January 31st, 1883, of an accidental gun shot wound near Fredonia, Kansas, MARTIN LANG, formerly a citizen of Clay Township. Mr. LANG was born in this county, December 1th, 1843 and a few years ago, moved to Kansas. 

Obituary - DAVID A. CURTIS Sr., one of the oldest and wealthiest men in this part of the township, died, at his home on Saturday, February 24th. Mr CURTIS was born in Randolph County, North Carolina in 1806 and was married to TABITHA STALEY in 1827. In the same year, he moved to Morgan County. He was the father of 13 children: CALVIN, WESLEY, PETER, ELIJIA, DAVID Jr., Mrs. A.J. BALDWIN, Mrs. GEO WARMOTH, and TABITHA. All live in the same neighborhood. The other 5 have passed away. dated 2/26 

15 Mar 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Dog Town - JAKE MYERS died last Thursday of consumption. 

From Paragon - NOAH TACKET, of this place, died last Tuesday evening at his home. He leaves a wife and 1 child. dated 3/14 

From Hall - Mrs. LUCINDA WELMAN, wife of MADISON WELMAN, and LIZZIE GORDAN, both died recently. 

From Morgantown - Rev. GEORGE ALDER, of Farmer City, Illinois, is in our midst having been called here by the death of his little nephew, MARCUS OBERSHAIN. Departed this life on March 2nd, 83, at Morgantown, Indiana, MARCUS OBERSHAIN, son of W. T. and SUSAN OBERSHAIN. He was born September 10th, 1876, being the youngest child in this family and the only child of his mother. 

Mr. WM BEESON, died on last Tuesday night. 

Death of a Pioneer - Mrs. DELIA STONE LANDERS, mother of FRANKLIN, JOHN, and JACKSON LANDERS, died last Sunday at the residence of JACKSON LANDERS, of Indianapolis, in the 85 year of her age. She was born in Mercer, Kentucky, November 15th, 1798. She came to Morgan County in 1819, where in 1822, she married WILLIAM LANDERS. Her husband died in 1851. Ten years ago, she went to Indianapolis, where she found a home with her son. The remains of Mrs. LANDERS were taken to the old homestead, near Landersdale, and she was buried beside her husband. 

JOHN BURNS, of this city, died last night. He was a veteran of the Civil War. 

22 Mar 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Little Point - ALFRED TERRELL, living Northeast of this place, died, a few days ago. dated 3/19 

From Morgantown - FRANK GLIDDEN, the young man who was shot at the charivari a few weeks ago, died last Thursday and was buried at Georgetown, Saturday. dated 3/20 

Last Saturday morning, at an early hour, A. S. CRAMER, a well known and highly respected citizen of Clay Township this county, arose and went ot his barn, as was his custom, to feed his stock. Shortly afterwards, his son went to the barn and was horrified to see his father hanging by the neck dead. The coroner was notified and an inquest was held. Before hanging himself, he wrote a few words ona blank leaf of an almanac. From this, it was very plain that he was insane on the subject of religion. He owned a well stocked farm, about 2 miles East of Centerton and about the same distance South of Brooklyn. 

29 Mar 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Indian Creek - Several of the folks, in this vicinity, attended the funeral of T.M. GILLIS, on Monday. dated 3/27 

From Gasburg - ALVA G. HOBSON's little baby boy died last week. dated 3/26 

From Morgantown - Old Grandmother COLEMAN died very suddenly last Friday morning. She was buried at the Bethlehem Church, the following day. She was almost 95 years old. Her twin sister died near Waterloo (Iowa), last summer. dated 3/26 

From Herbemont - Mrs. ELIZABETH GORDEN died at this place March 4th. She was married to PORTER GORDEN, December 25th, 1878, who died last October. She leaves a mother, 4 brothers, a sister and a little girl. dated 3/20 

Died - In this city March 23rd, 1883 of consumption, THOMAS M. GILLIG, age 36 years. THOMAS MAURICE GILLIG, son of BERNARD and REGEINE GILLIG was born in Gilsheim, Prussia, June 4th, 1847. He emigrated to America in the fall of 1855 and settled in Indianapolis. In the year of 1867, he came to Martinsville and established himself in business. In 1873, he married to Miss MARY FOX, of North Madison, Indiana. She died in January, 1882, leaving a husband and 4 children. On October 3rd, 1882, he again married to Miss MAGDALENE LEARUPPERT, of St. Nicholas, Ripley County, who survives him. He was buried at Hill Dale Cemetery. 

MARTHA J. MILLER died Monday morning. 

NIDA E. CRAVEN- cause of death unknown 

In Memorium - LUCINDA WELMAN, wife of WILLIAM M. WELMAN, was born in Culpepper County, Virginia 28th December 1821. When a small child, the family moved to Oldham County, Kentucky, and later to Morgan County, Indiana. She married WILLIAM M. WELMAN, 5 May 1846. She had 9 children, 5 of whom have preceeded her in death. She died on the 26th day of February 1883. 

ALEX SECREST, of Ashland Township, died Saturday night. Aged about 30 years. 

06 Apr 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Washington Township, Monroe County - HENRY BASTIN, an old pioneer of this township, died last week. He was past 82 years of age. 

From Mooresville - An infant of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. BRAY was buried last Saturday evening. 

Letter from Carleton, Nebraska - JOHN R. WHARTHEN, departed this life on the 17th day of this month. He left Indiana and Morgan County in April, 1860, and moved with his family to Iowa and remained until last year, when he bought a farm in sight of this town. He was a little over 64 years old. dated 3/22 

From Green Township - Mrs. MARGIE DROKE was buried at the Caldwell Graveyard, last Sunday. She leaves 7 children. dated 3/31 

From Waverly - A daughter of WILLIAM COONFIELD was buried at the Shilo Graveyard, a few days since. 

From the Franklin Democrat (Johnson County) - Mrs. COLEMAN, widow of JACOB COLEMAN and one of the pioneer mothers of this county, died at the home in Henley Township, on Friday last, in the 95th year of her age. She was buried near Morgantown. 

Mrs. ADA SUTTON McKINNEY died in a charity hospital, in Cincinnati, Ohio, last Sunday from exessive use of opium. She lived several years of her childhood as a citizen of Martinsville. Her father was a well known minister of the M.E. Church. She graduated with honors, at DePauw University, New Albany, at an early age. After leaving Martinsville, the family resided in New Albany. She was thought to be a little on the wild side and stage struck. She married W. O. McKinney, a railroad conductor. Even though both wanted a divorce, the courts in Cincinnati wouldn't grant it. 

Died - Mrs. ALMA REYNOLDS, wife of COSTELLO REYNOLDS, died Tuesday morning, age 28. She leaves a husband and infant child. 

12 Apr 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Hindoostan, Monroe County - DAVID HOOSTON's child died yesterday. dated 4/9 

In Memorium - ELIZA C. LITTEN born July 24th, 1808 in North Carolina and moved, with her parents, to Lawrence County during her childhood. She married JOHN HOVIOUS September 9th, 1824. She passed away Friday evening, March 30th, aged 74 years, 8 months and 25 days. She was the mother of 6 children of which 4 are still living. 

Mrs. KEZIAH YEAGER, widow of the late W.W. YEAGER of GREGG Township, died at Plainfield, Hendricks County, last Monday. 

19 Apr 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Mooresville - Mrs. JAS. P. DAY died last Tuesday evening. 

Obituary - Died at his home near Ellettsville, Monroe County, Indiana on Wednesday the 4th of April 1883, the Honorable JAMES PARKS Sr., in the 102nd year of his age. Mr PARKS was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina on the 26th of September 1781. In October, 1815, he emigrated to the then territory of Indiana and located on the east fork of the White River, in Lawrence County, and in the year following, to the county of Monroe and settled on the farm, where for 66 years he lived. On the 30th day of November, 1806, he married to NANCY MOORE, and they had 10 children, the late P.M. PARKS being the oldest, and the wife of Rev. JAMES RITCHEY being one of the 5 that survive. Mrs. NANCY PARKS having died June 26th, 1828, on August 27th, 1830, he was united to FRANCIS KENDRICKS, and they had 1 child. 

In Memorium - Mrs. ALMA REYNOLDS, whose maiden name was KENNEDY, was born in Jeromeville, Ashland County, Ohio, February 18th, 1854 and died in Martinsville, April 4th, 1883. She came to Indiana in 1863, with her father, and they settled in Martinsville. On the 21st of October 1881, she was happily united in marriage with COSTELLO REYNOLDS, her bereaved husband. 

26 Apr 1883 The Martinsville Republican

From Little Point - Mr. F. M. PRITCHETT's child was buried last week. 

From Monrovia - Mrs. ELIZABETH JOHNSON, widow of the late T. A. JOHNSON, died Tuesday morning. 

Obituary for Rev. EPHRAIM HALL from the Washington (Indiana) Gazette - Rev, HALL who died at his home in this city, Thursday night, was born in Surrey County, England, November 13th 1815 and came to America, with his parents, in 1819. The family settled near Evansville, and his father died when Ephraim was about 6 years old. He leaves a wife and 4 daughters. --In another article, it mentions that Ephraim was about 7 years old when his father died. At the time of his father's death, the father left a widow and 8 children. 

Story about the death of Mrs. ANNA R. HALL, of St Louis, who died last Friday. She was a former citizen of Martinsville, being the daughter of Mr. JAMES GUINN, at one time a prominent business man in Martinsville. She also was the sister of the late Mrs. JEFF K. SCOTT and wife of the late P.S.PARKS. 

In Memorium - For Mrs. CALVIN PLATT whose maiden name was EVANGALINE CAMP and who was born February 10th, 1825. She was born in Pennsylvania and with her family emigrated to Ohio as a young child. She married Mr. CALVIN PLATT in August, 1854, with whom she came to Indiana, a year later. She leaves a husband and 6 children. A daughter had died a short time before her. 

Local summary- An old lady, named HOPKINS, died at he County Asylum last Monday. She was 92 years old. 

From the Spencer Democrat - CHARLES REED, a colored man living near town, took sick on Friday and died Monday. He was the son-in-law of Martin Scott and recently removed from Martinsville to this place.

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