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(unknown location; this inscription was copied from an old loose copy; it is not known when and by whom the inscription was made)

Augustin Pierre GRENON, Capt. of Godes--- of Seine Inferieur, Fr. 1778, died at Charleston 1826

Jean Marie MORRA, died 1823

Marie Madeleine HUGON PELLISSIER (1752-1824)
Madeleine Melanie PEYSSAU (1801-1826)
Marie Louise PELLISSIER PEYSSON (1780-1857)

Marie Rose BABAIN, (sic) daughter of Pierre BABAIN and Catherine METIVIER, wife of Capt. Dominique DIRON, (sic) born 1790 Croix des Bouquets, Port au Prince, died 1815

Elizabeth, wife of John PRIOR, died 1861 age 32

Francois DUPUY, born St. Mary Isle, Santo Domingo 1790, died Charleston 1827

Jean LAFON, born Bordeaux, France 1760, died 1813
Marie Louise LAFOND, born Mole St. Nicolas, Santo Domingo 1786, died 1849

Marie Eugenie GUERIN, wife of John A. GUERIN, died 1836 age 26 years

Thomas Joseph ROGER, born Rouen 1799, died Charleston 1856
Anne Theodore ROGER (1839-18--)
Heloise Josephine ROGER (1830-1831)
Thomas Justin ROGER (1825-1826)

Angelique Augustine Hermine LePRINCE nee THIBAUT, at Cap Francais, Santo Domingo, died 1832 age 31 years, 1 month, 26 days

Numa Alexander ROYE, born Charleston 1827, died 1865
Eugene Alexander ROYE, born 1847, died 1872 age 25 years, 14 days
John F. ROY, died 1848 age 33 years 3 months
Francois ROYE, born Bordeaux 179?, died Charleston 1844
Victorine Silvanie ROYE born Charles 1825, died 1830
Mrs. Francois S. ROYE, born 1787 Felicite Nouille, Santo Domingo, died 1875

Francis MICHEL
Mary M. de MICHEL died 1817 age 80

Jacque BRODUT? born Ile d'Oleron, Charante Inferieur, died 1821, age 17

Francis A. CORMIER, (rest of stone illegible)

Marguerite LAFAYE, wid. GAUDINAU, born Cadillac, France 1764 died Charleston 1845

Mme. Wid. PRIEUR died 68 years, wife of B. PRIEUR of Royal Order of St. Louis, died 1818

PASSALAIGUE of Santo Domingo (1790-1844)

Remy MIGNOT, born Granville, Fr. 1816, died Charleston 1848

Etienne LACOSTE, died 1812, husband of Elenore Florence who died 1850

Jean Baptiste Achille BENOIST (1800-1818)

Etienette Felicie AVEILL--, died 1844, age 33, widow of Achille

Marie Anne Sophie BENOIST nee BRUNET of Cap Francais, Santo Domingo, died 1819 age 76

Firmin LeROY born Baugenci, France, doctor and resident of Santo Domingo, died 1819 age 76
Angelique LeROY, wife of above, born Nantes, died 1833 age ?75?

Leonide PICAULT (PICOT?) wife of  G. W. AIMAR 1836-1921
G. W. AIMAR 1827-1877
(Note: AIMAR is reportedly from Italy)

Mary St. AMAND died 1879 age 82
Marie St. AMAND died 1875 age 24
Victor St. AMAND died 1882 age 30

Clara and D. B. DUPONT


James P. Augustine, James Anthony LAFITTE de Brux Josephe; Anne LAFITTE (1821-1898).  BARBOT also shown on some LAFITTE gravestones


"There was a grouping of DEGRASSE stones.  We were told that Sr. DEGRASSE was an aide to George Washington."

"Some isolated names on stones were: CHASTEAU, ROUMILLAT, REINE, LABORDE, RODDY"

"Some stones were too old and decrepit to decipher.   We were told that during the Civil War many stones were pummelled with cannon shots  and disintegrated."