Park Cemetery
Bridgeport, Fairfield County, CT

Foulds, Hannah Casson, w/o John, b. 1856, d 1913
Foulds, Mabel, d/o John and Hannah, b. 1891, d. 1910
Royce, George W., b. 1863, d 1918
Bartram, George J., b. 1867, d 1908
Bartram, Mary e. Sturll, w/o G.J., b. 1874, d. 1919
Sturll, Jr., Charles B., d. 12-18-1910, age 27
Freibott, Charles A., b. 4-8-1892, d 2-3-1913
Mendenhall, Corp. Jesse W. Hq. Co., 21st. F.A.
    d. 3-10-1934, age 47, WW
McNickle, Arthur, Co. G. 8th Inf., Conn. Vols., d. 6-6-1917, age 81 yrs. Civil War
McNickle, Sarah G., Knox, d/o William Knox and unknown, w/o Arthur, b. 8-24-1840 d. 1-20-1910
Brough, Job, b 2-4-1872, d 4-20-1918
Mitchum, James T., b. 6-28-1886, d 2-20-1919
Mitchum, Dorothy
Birtine, William W., b. 1852, d.?
Birtine, Mary A., w/o Wm. W., b 1853, d 1925
Pelican, Harriet, d 6-15-1929
Boynay, Emily, d. 6-6-1926
Ryder, Minnie E., b. 18565, d 1927
HAHN, Jennie S. Lyon, d/o Charles Henry Lyon and Matilda McNickle Lyon, w/o Frederick August Hahn, b. 10-8-1861 d. 3-14-1903.
LYON, Jenny Sherwood, d/o Daniel F. Sherwood and Helen Cromwell Sherwood, w/o George H. Lyon, b. 4-21-1874, d. 3-8-1905.
COLLINS, Edwin, s/o Ambrose Collins and Mary Sammis Collins, 2nd h/o Matilda McNickle Lyon, b. 1844, d. 7-1-1913, age 70, Civil War Vet Co. M. lst Hvy, Art.
COLLINS, Matilda McNickle Lyon, d/o Alexander McNickle and unknown, w/o Charles Henry Lyon, w/o Edwin Collins, b. January 1844, d. 10-13-1913.
REMSEN, Jennie Hahn, d/o Frederick A. Hahn and Jennie S. Lyon Hahn, w/o Wm. Remsen, b. 3-16-1883, d. 2-20-1919.
LYON, George H. s/o Charles H. Lyon and Matilda McNickle Lyon, h/o Jenny Sherwood, b. 1-6-1864, d. 12-13-1928.
LYON, George A. b. 1904, d. 5-31-1946.
HAHN, George August, s/o Frederick August Hahn and Jennie Sarah Lyon Hahn, h/o Margaret A. Mulligan, b. 7-13-1883, d. 9-13-1947.